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Dear Friends,

Below is a list of commonly asked questions that we receive at The PROMISES Project. We receive hundreds of emails. The PROMISES Film Project is a small non-profit organization and our resources are extremely limited. So please understand why it is that we are not able to respond personally to all your emails. We hope you will find the answer to your questions right here.

Q: How did you come up with the idea to make PROMISES?
A: In 1995, Justine traveled to Israel & the Palestinian Territories to shoot an episode of Globe Trekker. The strong words and violent emotions she encountered in her Israeli cousins and in the Palestinian children she met, inspired her to make PROMISES. B.Z., who grew up in Israel and had been a journalist during the first Intifadah, had long wished to explore the relationship between children and conflict. In fall 1995, the two filmmakers teamed up and began interviewing Palestinian and Israeli children.

Q: What years did you shoot PROMISES?
A: PROMISES was shot in Jerusalem and the West Bank primarily in 1995, 1997, 1998 and 2000 during a time of relative calm, after the Oslo Accords had been signed and before the most recent intifada (uprising).

Q: How are the kids from the film doing in light of the current events in the Middle East?
A: We are in touch with all of the kids and they are doing fine. Yarko and Daniel are serving in the Israeli Army, Sanabel is preparing to come to the US for college. Her father was released from prison shortly after the film was completed. Mahmoud is still in high school, Moishe is preparing to enter the Israeli Army, Shlomo is studying and the twins, Yarko and Daniel graduated from high school and like many Israeli men and women, are serving in the Israeli Army.

Q: Will you be making a follow up to PROMISES?
A: A small scale follow up was made and is available on our new DVD. another full scale film? Maybe. We are not sure yet. There are many issues involved. One issue is that of time and money--It took more than 5 years to raise the funds to make PROMISES and we promised ourselves (and our families) that we will not set out to make another film until financing is secured prior to production.

Q: Is there an educational curriculum or a discussion guide for PROMISES?
A: Yes. Please see the Promises Educational Package.

Q: Is the soundtrack for PROMISES available? Can you tell me what music is featured in the film? What is the music that plays over the credits?
A: Sorry, there is no soundtrack available. The piece of music over the credits AT THE END OF THE FILM is called "Darpa" it is by a Belgian composer named Wim Mertens and can be found on a disc called "La Strategie de la Rupture." Click here for a list of titles and artists.

Q: Can I buy a video copy of PROMISES?
A: PROMISES is available on DVD and video (NTSC) for educational or institutional screenings, as well as for home video. Click here to order your copy.

Q: What are the directors of PROMISES up to?

A.Justine is developing a documentary series that looks at global parenting. You can see her on the PBS adventure-travel series GlobeTrekker (formerly titled Lonely Planet) where she is one of the hosts. Carlos has recently finished his new feature film called Only God Knows which he shot in the US, Mexico and Brazil, as well as a new documentary called The Imaginary Line about the Mexico-US border. BZ is researching a film that looks at how news is made in the Middle East.

Q: How can I book a screening of PROMISES? I would like to show PROMISES in my school, university, synagogue, Mosque, Church, etc. How can I do this?

130 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10016
tel: 800.723.5522 or 212.685.6242
fax: 212.685.4717

Q: How can I book one of the directors of PROMISES for a speaking engagement ?
A: Visit our speaking engagement page. Please be advised that our schedule is very tight and as all work on the film was done on a volunteer basis, we must charge a speaking fee; this is our only source of income and we simply cannot afford to travel with the film otherwise.

Q: I am looking for employment or for an internship (in the Middle East, in the US, anywhere) in the realm of conflict resolution (or film production, or peace activism or Middle East Conflict, or anythingä), can you help? Can you hire me? Can I work for you? Can I work with you?
A: Sorry, but we cannot offer employment or internship positions anywhere at this time.

Q: How can I contact the directors of PROMISES?
A: If none of the above FAQs answer your question, you can send an email to, but please understand, we get hundreds of emails and simply cannot reply to most of them. We promise to read all of them.

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