The Promises Film Project is a non-profit organization committed to furthering the Middle-East peace process by using the power of film to educate audiences about the importance of supporting peace efforts. Promises explores the conflict through the eyes of seven Israeli and Palestinian children living in Jerusalem. Rather than focusing on "hard news" Promises offers intimate stories that reveal what its like to grow up in times of conflict and peacemaking in the Middle East.

If Not Now, When? In the last year the violence in the Middle East has escalated to an unprecedented level. The rift between the two societies is wider than it has ever been in the last 50 years and for the first time ever there is virtually no grassroots peace movement.

And yet, we must remember that this is still an extraordinary moment in the history of the Middle East. Comprehensive peace is still considered to be possible if extremely challenging.

Ultimately the legacy of the conflict and the challenges of the peacemaking will be in the hands of Palestinian and Israeli children.

The film is intended for television broadcast and for organizations involved in conflict resolution and the peace process. The film will also serve as a tool to prepare future generations of Israelis & Palestinians for the challenges of peacemaking.

The Promises Film Project ADVISORY BOARD Includes leaders in the areas of education, filmmaking, the Middle East, and peace:

     North America

             Ossie Davis
             Barbara Dobkin
             Richard Dreyfuss
             Abdeen Jabara
             Norman Lear
             Allie Light & Irving Saraf
             Rabbi Robert J. Marx
             Rabbi J. Rolando Matalon
             The Very Reverend James Parks Morton
             Janis Plotkin
             Emanuel Stern
             Debra Winger


             The late Leah Rabin
             Member of Parliament Yossi Sarid

The Palestinian Territories

             Dr. Hanan Ashrawi
             Ziad Abbas