The PROMISES filmmakers are very popular as public speakers in conjuction with the film and on the topics of the Middle East conflict and documentary filmmaking.

Recent engagements have included Yale University, Harvard Divinity School, the JFK school of Government, Stanford University, the University of Chicago, Human Rights Watch, and others.

Currently, Justine Shapiro, B.Z. Goldberg, and Carlos Bolado are able to accept a very limited number of engagements and we would be glad to talk about a possible appearance as long as the dates, logistics and budget would work. Please understand, we have been overwhelmed by the number of requests.

Because we are a small non profit organization, we usually must charge a speaking fee for engagements. For more information email us:

Justine and Carlos were deluged with questions by my students. Their stories about how the film came to be made led to a deeper discussion of the Arab-Israeli conflict and expanded the students' understanding of how commitment and perseverance can help make changes in the world.
____—Professor K. Samuelson, Stanford University, Dept of Communication

It's not just that BZ provoked great thought and discussion on the current situation in the Middle East. As young people it was inspiring for us to see someone who fought to see his vision reach fruition and at the same time make a difference in the world. The film is extremely powerful on its own; BZ's patience, eloquence, and passion made the entire experience unforgettable. Not a single person left the room uninspired.
____—T. Peleg, Vassar College

We were particularly blessed to have Justine Shapiro introduce the film and take questions from our audience. The film is so emotionally riveting that everyone stayed for the Q&A session. Justine was truly amazing— respectful, attentive and generous with her answers. Justine's passion and love for the children in her film is obvious and she conveys this love to her audience.

____—Roman Baratiak, UCSB Arts & Lectures

When B.Z. is present at a screening, something very interesting happens. Since people feel as if B.Z. has opened himself up on screen to all the confusion and questions that surround this issue, they immediately want to open themselves up to him. They pose questions and approach him as if they already know him and that is invaluable to any sort of dialogue on this topic. Moreover, B.Z. listens and answers people's questions in a way that is both serious and very sincere. People feel that and leave the screening with a sense of recognition and respect that is rare.
____—Andrea Holley, Human Rights Watch


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